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Introducing #CRAFTMYBAG!

Grab your own plain white scenery bag, made from a the TONY AWARD winning set of Rocky on Broadway, and create the bag of your dreams! Tie dye, splatter paint, drawing, stitching, tassel pulls, YOU name it, this piece of a Broadway set can take it! Each blank canvas also comes with a DIY Tips and Tricks page, and we will be sharing tutorials examples and more over on our social @scenerybags!

Don’t forget to share your creations when they’re done so we can see and share them with #craftmybag @scenerybags! We can’t WAIT to see what you will create!

Bag details:

This bag is made from a backdrop used in the Broadway production of Rocky.  Tony award winning Scenic Design by Chris Barreca.

Size: 8" x 5.5"

Black lining with sewn tag that tells you the show it's from and the number you have from that collection. It also includes a history card with more information about your bag.