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Gift A Drop

Thank you so much for wanting to upcycle your theatrical waste! Well done you!

First a couple of things:

If the drop still has life in it, we encourage you to see if there is a local non profit that may want it. If you are NYC based please contact Materials for Arts.

If the things you are wanting to give us would otherwise be headed to a landfill, please contact us. We will find a way to use as much of it as we can.

What we accept:

- Painted drops, Velour Curtains, Bounces, Cycs, EPG stage floor, marketing banners, and pretty much anything you can think of. It never hurts to ask.


What we sadly can't use:

-Any painted drop that cracks when you bend it. Fiberoptic star curtains, or drops with a large amount of holes in them. Please contact your nearest recycling plant to see if they have textile recycling options.

How to donate:

We pay for all shipping and transportation.