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Freestyle Love Supreme Broadway Bookend

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This is Microphone 1, this is Microphone 2!

We are thrilled offer the first item of our new Scenery Home line, Freestyle Love Supreme Bookends! Made from the plexiglass back wall of the Broadway set. Designed for Beowulf Boritt. Learn more about the designer here.

5 inch x 5 inch x 3.5 inch black painted wood, hold a 5 inch microphone cut from the plexiglass back wall of Freestyle Love Supreme, on Broadway.

Each bookend is one of a kind, and hand made by TTS Studios, an IATSE (Union) scene shop in South Carolina.

Bookends can be bought separately or as a pair. 

Our donation portion for this item will go to support The Cody Renard Richard Scholarship Program, through Broadway Advocacy Coalition, honoring, uplifting & supporting the next generation of Black, Asian, Latinx, Indigenous and People of Color theatre makers.