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Original Glinda's Bubble - WICKED Bubble Dress

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Let us be GLAD, let us be GRATEFUL, let us REJOICIFY! For the first SCENERY costume upcycle! We are bubbling up with excitement to bring you your very own piece of Glinda's iconic "Bubble Dress". Costume design by Susan Hilferty, who also won a Tony for her incredible work on WICKED.

Each 3" clear plastic keepsake is filled with pieces from a retired WICKED Bubble Dress and topped with a Glinda inspired snowflake. Each ornament also comes with an Ozified tag designed with the help from our friend Chelsea of Custom Broadway, that tells you the number you have out of this limited run. 

As always, 10% of proceeds from this purchase will be donated to TDF to introduce students to theatre. Thank you for helping us decrease waste, save art, and foster a new generation of theatergoers.